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What are the characteristics of vacuum circuit breaker

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Permanent Magnet Tissue Vacuum Circuit Breaker Features:

(1) deal with sub-gate bounce doubt. Plan to add moving contact spring, to ensure that the opening contact does not rebound.

(2) by the movement of the core of the upper and lower movement, through the arm, the insulation rod on the action of the vacuum interrupter contact, complete closing or sub-gate.

(3) double coil from the control sub-closing operation. That is, sub-gate through the fire gate control, closing through the closing coil control. Improve the organization's reliability.

(4) new magnetic circuit planning. Increase the cohesion, sub-gate of the firm, to reduce the co-opening, when the coil current request.

(5) deal with closing bounce questions. Planning soft convergence, contact support spring and polycarbonate molded shell, handle the closing bounce doubt.

(6) with a magnetic switch to do auxiliary contacts, auxiliary contacts installed in the linkage shaft, without mechanical components, simple and reliable equipment, high insulation level, simple structure, breaking ability, breaking breaking current, long life, And has no blasting, no pollution, low noise, the volume of filial piety light weight, free protection and other characteristics.

(7) selection of bistable organizational planning. This magnetic structure has a permanent magnet and sub-gate, closing control coil. When the closing control coil is energized, it moves the moving core downward and is held by the permanent magnet in the closing position.

When the sub-control coil is energized, the moving core moves in the opposite direction, the same as the permanent magnet to hold it in another job orientation is the opening position. Closing and opening position are selected permanent magnet lock.

(8) to ensure the synchronization of three-phase operation. Plan the lower base of the operating organization. To ensure that the three phases together with the closing operation of the same period. Together with the use of this linkage to complete the lock and other auxiliary functions.

(9) control the first phase of the open phase of the arc, so that the first phase of the burning moment control in 1ms.

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