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Our Mission

• Make customers more satisfied • Make employees happier • Make society better

Business philosophy

• Societe Generale, quality-oriented, customer satisfaction, the industry to stay ahead • Customer first, integrity first

Core competitiveness of enterprises

• Learning team • Sustainable business model • Unique resources to master

Enterprise work style

• Be serious, fast, and stick to your promise

Three attitudes

Do not say it is impossible, never an excuse to ensure the completion of the task

The concrete manifestation of corporate culture

1, the responsibility: adhere to the highest standards of corporate ethics; to achieve the community, the customer's commitment.

2, integrity: Paterson for the first, Pepsi-based, integrity is the core of corporate culture.

3, efficiency: the use of resources to minimize the pursuit of the results of the maximization.

4, learning: to enhance self-growth ability.

5, passion: committed to maintaining entrepreneurial passion to adapt to the high growth of enterprises.

6, innovation: innovation is the old resources of the new integration, innovation is the soul of the cause of development, advancing with the times is the best embodiment of innovation.

7, pragmatic: down to earth to do things, things will be done correctly.

8, the customer first: customer-oriented, customer satisfaction as the first consideration of the work.

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