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Vacuum circuit breaker domestic mainly based on norms

time:2017-09-09  edit:sscmkf

JP3855-96 "3.6 ~ 40.5kV communication high voltage vacuum circuit breaker general skill conditions"

DL403-91 "10 ~ 35kV indoor high voltage circuit breaker ordering skills conditions"

This requirement: IEC specification does not correspond to the Chinese JB3855 special specification, only apply "IEC56 communication high voltage circuit breaker". Therefore, the specifications of the Chinese vacuum circuit breakers are at least in the following respects or are in strict accordance with the IEC specification:

(1) Insulation level: the experimental voltage IEC China

1min power frequency withstand voltage (kV) 28 42 (pole, pole to ground) 48 (fracture between)

1.2 / 50 impulse withstand voltage (kV) 75 75 (pole, pole to ground) 84 (fracture between)

(2) the number of electrical life after the end of the vacuum interrupter fracture pressure level: IEC56 in the rules. China JB3855 a 96 rule: the end of the number of years after the number of vacuum circuit breakers, the fracture between the insulation should not be less than 80% of the initial insulation level, that is, frequency 1min33.6kV and shock 60kV.

(3) contact closure bounce time: IEC rules, and the Chinese rule request is not greater than 2ms.

(4) experimental current of temperature rise experiment: IEC specification, the experimental current is equal to the rated current of the commodity. China DL403-91 in the rules of experimental current for the product rated current of 110%.

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