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High-voltage load switches become more and more intelligent

time:2017-09-09  edit:sscmkf

The industrial format of high-voltage switch With the changing situation of the times, this specific table is now the market planning, industrial planning, etc., high-voltage switch industry is to carry forward all the power industry production power and service quality, and strive to complete their scope Within the diversification of goods and services. High-pressure load switch switch industry broadening and extension of its series of achievements in words and summed up can be attributed to the vertical extension of industry and horizontal widening, we can so understand that the vertical extension is not related to the planning system, the quality of the deep Unreasonable high-voltage load switch equipment technology skills, horizontal is focused on high-voltage load switch industrial planning, construction of an expansion.

High-voltage switch, load switch industrial planning to widen the benefits of high-pressure load switch market demand continues to increase, the market demand to promote the high-pressure load switch industry forward, but also to high-voltage load switchgear industry to carry out the concept of development, etc. have occurred in a series Of the change, this change to build a suitable high-pressure load switch industry to carry out a good atmosphere. All the domestic high-voltage load switch industry is really strong, the domestic high-voltage load switch industrial operators who strive for this policy, the battle more than.

     Combined with high-voltage switch, load switch industry to carry out the practice, can be said that it is with the high-voltage switch industry horizontal extension and vertical extension, only the high-pressure load switch industry today's glory, this development and progress means self-reliance, From the amount of change to the mutation of the jump, is to make people proud and proud of the results.

In the modern high-voltage switch industry to carry out the situation, the manufacturers should be active to increase the new high-voltage switch, load switch commodity development efforts, attention to commodity function, quality improvement, in the implementation of scientific research carried out on the basis of efforts to carry out Industrial horizontal widening and vertical extension, the industry will lead to a new height.

High-voltage switchgear replacement is very frequent, often in a short time, will be able to filter many old-fashioned merchandise series. Take the circuit breaker, and now some equipment manufacturers in the original circuit breaker to add over-current relay, check the current transformer and a variety of sensors, so that the circuit breaker has a self-diagnosis function and transmission function, constitute a set of supervision , Communication, control and maintenance as one of the intelligent unit, and then strengthen the function of the circuit breaker, forward reliability. In other words, before the kind of general circuit breaker goods, in the next period of time, will be gradually screened.

In the electrical components of intelligent together, high-voltage switch is also moving to the direction of intelligent. At present in the international leading position of the high-voltage switchgear goods with tripping circuit disconnection monitoring, action time inspection, touch parts inspection, baling spring energy storage time inspection and other functions, summed up these functions constitute an intelligent high voltage switch.

 In addition, the high-voltage switch may also be able to control, signal, maintenance, measurement and supervision and other functions together, so that high-voltage switchgear with a series of self-supervision and power station control system directly connected and other functions, and then complete the various functions between the arbitrary combination The Of course, this is still under development, but it is undeniable that in a period of time, this related skills, will guide the future trend of high-voltage switch technology.

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