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Introduction of High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker on Circuit Breaker Main Structure

time:2017-09-09  edit:sscmkf

1.Ordinary type

Circuit breaker main part of the conductive circuit is set in the insulating material made of cylindrical insulation tube, making the vacuum interrupter from the external environment and mechanical damage. The circuit breaker main body is mounted on the rear of the housing of the circuit breaker operating mechanism. Depending on the location of use, a dust cover (as an additional device) may be installed on the insulating cylinder. This design helps prevent the occurrence of flashover and acts as an additional protection for contamination inside the circuit breaker. In the case of

2. Polar type

The pole of the circuit breaker is designed to be cylindrical and mounted on the rear of the bracket-like operating mechanism housing. The conductive part of the pole of the circuit breaker is enclosed in the epoxy sleeve to avoid impact and external environment.

The structure of the operating mechanism

The operating mechanism is a spring energy storage operation mechanism, and an operating mechanism operates a three-phase vacuum interrupter. The operating mechanism mainly includes two energy storage tension springs, closing energy storage device, transmission to each phase of the arc chamber of the plate, the arm and the trip trip device, in addition, in front of the bar is also equipped with such as Energy storage motor, release, auxiliary switch, control equipment, sub-closing button, manual energy storage shaft, energy storage status signs, sub-gate signs and other components. The operating mechanism is suitable for automatic reclosing operation, and since the motor energy storage time is short, it is also possible to perform multiple reclosing operations. Actuator spring with manual energy storage and electric energy storage two energy storage methods.

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