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Disconnector (disconnector), that is, in the sub-position, the contact between the requirements of the insulation distance and clear off the mark; in the joint position, can carry the normal circuit conditions and the current conditions within the specified conditions ( Such as short circuit) under the current of the switching device.

Disconnector (commonly known as "knife gate"), generally refers to the high-voltage isolation switch, that is rated voltage of 1kV and above the isolation switch, usually referred to as the isolation switch, is the most used in high-voltage switch electrical appliances, itself The working principle and structure is relatively simple, but due to the use of large, high reliability requirements, the substation, power plant design, establishment and safe operation are greater impact. Is the main feature of the disconnector is no arc suppression capability, only in the absence of load current in the case of sub-combined circuit. Disconnector for all levels of voltage, used to change the circuit connection or the line or equipment and power supply isolation, it is no drying capacity, can only use other equipment to disconnect the line after the operation. In general, there is an interlocking device that prevents the switch from being erroneously operated with a load, and sometimes a pin is required to prevent the switch from being disconnected under the magnetic force of a large failure.

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